Ever Aging, but Never Changing


I was born in an ever changing world,

but to me seems like a never changing world. 

All I had was positive thoughts in my mind, 

didn't know that would change in due time. 

Lue find, the meaning of life.

Why do we live like this?  

Sliting our wrist,

gone like Gorillas in the Mist .

Leaving without a goodbye kiss. 

Triss young in your prime.

You're outta your mind. 

You had no hope for this cruel world, 

Same world saying it's ok to abort a baby girl. 

Maybe Earl wouldn't have resorted to slanging and banging,

if he had a decent job.

No economic opportunity results in a recent rob. 

And here comes the indecent cop, 

ready to beat down any minority, 

showing superiority over people of inferiority. 

Which defines more than me.

They lie to you, they lie to you. 

Why would you listen to anything they say? 

My whole life was changed in one day.

When I figured out the U.S. was gassing Mexicans when they were coming from the south.

They tried to sterilize even the mothers, but not just them even my black brothers. 

Population control, by the white man that was their role. 

That was back in 1920.

Still in today's age the amount of injustice present is plenty. 

We have a black president, you know that's true?

But it's still evident we have the mentality of 1792. 


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