Even words can't explain


United States

March 12th 2012,

Everything changed

I went from happy to walk from New River bus stop

To wanting to stand in the rain till my mama came

I've wrote a 1,000 letters but none were mailed

This is my last letter where I tell my pain "farewell"


Grandma I miss you, and you know I love you

Sometimes I find myself wondering why God took you from me

I know you not supposed to question God but I need answers

I watched you die spirtially way before you died physically

I watched you lay down in pain and it was nothing I really can do


I use to always say I couldn't live without you

Not that you're gone I see that's really true

I may smile, but i'm not happy

I'm still mourning over you

It's been 5 years when will I learn to cope without you


You were supposed to see me graduate

You were supposed to drive me to college

I guess everything happen for a reason

I just got to accept this

It's hard when I know you are gone

It's hard to stay strong when i'm barely holding on


I know you in heaven I can tell by the way the sun sets

I know you happy and proud of me and who  i'm becoming

I think about giving up  a lot to be honest

but I know you looking down and in my corner 

Grandma this letter is not for attention

I don't need nobody to read this

I just had to let you know i'm barely breathing

You don't need a gun to kill

I was killed by love

Cancer took my grandmother from me and that can't be undone


This is my letter to you

To show my apprecation of you

I love you I really do

Please, watch over me with everything I do

If you don't like something tell me

send a sign or two

Come see me in my dreams I really need to speak to you



This poem is about: 
My family


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