Even in Death

In the mirror I see you,

The crinkle of my eyes,

The shape of my nose.


I fight everyday for those like you.

They lay in my hospital bed,

Alarms and chaos surround them.


Amidst it all, I see you in each of them.

I struggle to save them.

I sweat, I cry, and I fight.


I learn everyday from you.

It’s been ten years, yet I still see you.

I see you in my drive,

My determination.


You taught me to be a fierce woman

In a world that teaches submission.

You taught me strength

When you had none.


There is a tug of war between life and death.

Sometimes you lose, and you lose everything.

For you I am always pulling on the side of life.

You made me the best nurse I can be.


Fourteen years with you before cancer stole you,

My best friend, my father; my everything.

Strong, yet compassionate, a fighter and lover.

You will forever be my greatest role model.


This poem is about: 
My family


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