Eve of Independence Day

Yesterday was the day
the  girls took me out
we were women now
loud and proud
off to explore

Yesterday was the day
I encountered racially charged language
one that I could not comprehend
or defeat as I kept thinking
knowledge is power
my race course
had just become

Yesterday was the day
one word showed
it's power and strength
a word I have yet
to make peace with

a word that has
systematically oppressed,
dehumanized, and degraded
a group of people
for hundreds of years

Yesterday was the day
I stood up and said no more

Although the word was not
addressed to me, it still
affected me and I had
to give my two cents

Was I overreacting?
Maybe, but this was not a joke
this was a moment
to help one another
on the full usage of
such a controversial word

Yesterday was the day I stood up
yesterday was the day I grew up
Yesterdaywas the eve of my independence


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