The Evanescent

Fri, 05/17/2013 - 00:25 -- kamii0


United States
33° 52' 56.0856" N, 84° 40' 7.806" W

The evanescent of life,that glows,
The dusk to dawn eyes;
Though feels through flesh not awake but still sees,
the cool blue-green grass under it.

Till dawn we take are first breath,
Till dusk we take are last breath;
Still there glowing even in the darkest dark,
Shining like a eagle about to take flight.

It looks up and see the evergreen,
cascading trees, shimmering when wind blows;
It lifts higher to see profaned mountians,
with its white powdered tops.

To it see life as it is and how it ends;
What is this evanescent you might say?
It is the seed of life,
Which graces and dance upon everything ,
Breathing life as a gift and death as a present for itself.
It which beeches you with life, that is wild.

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This poem is nature based on romantiscm

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