Eurydice Speaks

If i could get the single chance 

I’d have a word or two with Hades 

I would tell it to him clear and straight 

About my thoughts on how he made these 

Impacts on much other stories

How he caused this life to change 

I understand. He has a job 

But still: i find him strange 

To be a god of so much power

Through my pain he found his pleasure 

Did what he can to dismiss my man 

And to make me his forever 

I’d never forget my love Orpheus 

And his love professed through song 

They thought I’d stay locked up down here 

And now i say they’re wrong 

A strong, young woman, despite my story

Ready to fight this war

It’s 2019 and girls have a voice 

To defend what they stand up for 

We’re more than damsels in distress

We’re not just wives and fairies 

Despite what it seems, women have their dreams

Let death stand in the way ? Please spare me 

The lecture of what’s impossible 

My dear Hades;King of the dead

I’ll break free from your grip and these chains 

And save myself instead

Don’t compare me to your sometimes queen 

Persephone could never 

I choose my fate, my love, my life

For i am woman. Forever 


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