Eurydice, My Lover That I Do Not See

Eurydice, my lover that left for the underworld.

You argued against the vulnerable flesh of mankind, 

And your hunger and earthly temptations lead you away from me.

The songs I produce lose their touch because of my aching heart

And credit shows when they lack acclimation on Apple Music.

My talent suffers even when the gods themselves annointed them.

The same gods that brought the passionate spirit who saw a chance to leave. 

The spirit, my love, is your own soul. 

That sacred and ethereal soul that the stars crossed to bring to my own.

Those luster stars, oh how envious they must be of our unmoving love now.

Or maybe they laugh, smile in amusement at our long distance calls, 

With the Fates weighing in on the other line.

For you are gone and though you called my name, it went unheard.

Eurydice, the name of the most perfect melody, I long for your touch in the most innocent of ways.

And at night I dream of you meeting my undying gaze, 

In that dream there's no Skype, no Instagram post with emojis of exhaust with you in need.

And til’ I find a way-in that Hades doesn’t see,

Eurydice, I’ll face you in my dreams.


This poem is about: 
Our world



Told from Orphesus's perspective.

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

This is very powerful. I hope you continue to have inspiration and share your poetic mind.

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