Wed, 06/15/2016 - 00:45 -- dericka

Here lies I, an open soul.
Who just the other day were doing the same routine as we all did.
Wake up, hygiene, eat, learn, sleep. Repeat
I've never met someone who shared the same thoughts and goals before i met me.
Then there, There it was...
The terrible news.
Dericka Lashone Reddix Dotson is pronounced dead.
The sun still shines,
The sky is still clear,
The grass still grows, when the black crows are near.
So Dericka never could understand why people weep at funerals.
Why people feel so disappointed.
No one knew Dericka like i did.
Facing the biggest fears,
Obtaining her own success
Everyday she'll wake up with psychological locks.
From her own doubt
But Dericka always found a way out.
I've lived how I've die
Free and Gold.
Dericka's flag lies here to surrender her soul.

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