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Most things in life we can't control,
Though at times we wished we could,
But we don't know whats best for us,
But God is always good.

It's hard sometimes to understand,
Why the one's we love, must go,
But our heavenly father has a plan,
And the part we play, he knows.

One by one we make that trip,
A journey beyond this life,
We leave the roles written in the script,
Of mothers, sister and wife.

God has been so good to us,
Just look at the gifts he gives,
Who, but God, could give us a Mary Paige,
In us all, she'll always live.

Her heart was filled with love and laughter,
Her family was her joy,
And I know its hard to let her go,
I'm families with that void.

Don't feel you have to be strong,
Go through this alone,
We have an ever lasting friend,
He sits up on a throne.

He's watching and he's waiting,
As we do the ones we love,
He's making sure his Mary,
Makes it safely home, above.

Now I'm not gonna stand here and tell you,
To be strong and not too cry,
It hurts to lose someone you love,
It hurts to pay good-bye.

Though we know good-byes are temporary,
It doesn't lesson to sorrow,
Or knowing that we won't,
See her face in our tomorrows.

But in our hearts, she'll always be there,
In our mind we'll hear her voice, in our thoughts we'll see her smiling face,
And know that in Gods loving grace,
That she was his precious choice.

I'm happy now, I feel no pain,
I'm happy now, I'm home,
I'll always be there with you,
You'll never be alone.

Please try not to worry,
Please know that I'm okay,
Believe in him, trust in his word,
And we'll be together again, one day.

So take the time you need to grieve,
Allow your hearts to heal,
I'm asking God to comfort you,
And I know he always will.

Be there for each other,
And especially your dad,
He's really gonna need you now,
like he never has.

So open up those loving arms,
Just as I would do,
And love each other past this pain,
Just as God loves us.

I love you all so very much,
I'm sad to leave you too,
But God's in charge, I heard his call,
What was I do.

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