Eternal Love

I feel alone. 

 I Want to feel like young birds in love singing 
In the very primitive of Summer . When the weather is enough to make my mood .
Cool enough to slow my heart down

I want to feel

But i feel alone like im the only one at home
And its empty .
My bed is cold and the windows are shut
I wake up and Its back to bed
Because im lost when Im alone

i want to feel 
Whats it feel like to hold your hand
And know i have everything 
Ive ever needed 

Whats it feel like to feel complete
How did i ever live my life without you .

Im alone. 
And theres a place for you 

Im alone and these keys 
Only open one door .

Im alone and its silent .
And there is no sovereign being in this home.

I want to know what it feels like
To carry you in my arms 
knowing i could never be as strong as you.
Like leaning against you heart 
As i fall inside. 
Cause your just so complicated
But you being the solution makes everything so much more simple

I'm isolated and ive been waiting
Whats seems Like forever 
Like prison walls. But i rememeber 
Its a trap my mind plays on me.
Things go dark
While Im alone..
I know its not me

I know im a starr and i am the light
Theres just so much distances between me 
And the next shining moment. 
That its the travel from here to there. 
That so long. It haunts me.

I see you in the distance and thats what keeps me going..

Then i dont feel so alone
When im out here 
When i feel like
Deep within me youve right there 

Those are the nights that 
I don't feel so alone 
like all this waiting 
All this waiting.

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