The Eternal Couple


United States
29° 51' 44.55" N, 95° 17' 40.4484" W

Linked together as we shoot off into space,
as we go up two comes down to take our place.
We don't know where this path is taking us,
finally we arrive but we can't open our eyes,
but we don’t care because we know we will survive,
any struggle that lies before our eyes.
in that instant we are submerged in our love,
so that is where we assume that this path is taking us,
deeper into our passion or our lust,
stronger than the sun's magnetic trust,
as we draw closer we realize that it is to much energy for us to handle,
so we let it take control and it leaves us in shambles,
but we know we have each other to pick up the pieces,
and that is the ending and the beginning of our existence.



Outstanding Poem! I like the way you take the theme of fate and love and twist them together to make a wonderful masterpiece. Keep writing on my friend.

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