Esther Earl


United States
33° 30' 26.5356" N, 86° 19' 39.126" W

Signs of happiness,
Show on your face,
Signs that not even,
Time can erase.

Your beautiful smile,
Forever embraced,
The ones who click,
Always happy to see your face.

Signs of joy,
That keep you so free,
Sadly though,
This can only be a memory.

Even in death though,
You will forever live on,
The nerdfighteria community,
Keeps memories of you strong.

I never got to know you,
At least not personally,
But through videos and other memories,
In my heart you will always be.

Your star will never go out,
In our hearts it will always shine,
Slowly decreasing world suck,
One person at a time.

Rest in Awesome, Esther Earl,
For even in death,
You still live on,
Through all of nerdfighterias everlasting breath.


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