"Essential workers"

The sun and the moon live in the same sky
Yet they are great enemies-
But that has never made either of them
Ignore each other's role in their duties.
Yes I know,
We need the sun,
But night MUST also fall
To make the circle of life complete.
I wonder why, "essential workers"

Where on Earth,
Will there be children without a mother?
Who said children are more important than the mother?
Could it be that a father is more important than a mother?
Mmm!! Am I confused here?
This is prejudice of the most elevated degree.

"Essential Workers" are too essential to die,
They need to steal more services
To their private entities to improve services.
Why should the public facilities swell
Yet there is more space in their well?
People should not keep dying as though they are not essential.

"Essential Workers" are too essential
That they must exaggerate the" fortune"
To absorb more funds for improvement.
The other day when a COVID patient was dying,
The "essential Workers" snatched the oxygen cylinder to their clinic
To help the said patient survive faster than usual
So that "god" can give them more blessings.
Indeed GOD will not leave you "UNREWARDED"
"They" even offer essential advice to the crown bearer
In order to plough for them"Land" for easy "cultivation"
Through diplomatic decisions.........
Not like those"Noise Makers" who only make noise in class with chalk.

Oh! "god" bless our essential Workers
So that our death is improved by all they do.
The power of essential Workers.

What can the "poor" teachers do?
Can they even develop a vaccine
Or did you see them repairing the hydro Powe dam
When it broke down?
Who said you teachers can even fight grass hoppers
That invaded the country the other day,
Didn't you see my "boys" attack them tactically?
Yes they must be well paid.......
Your noise should end in class on the chalk boards.

Eeeh! What can you add to this country
When you keep telling us about those abstract figures
What has William Shakespeare done?
Did you see Ngugi wa Thiongo or chinua Achebe
Handle serious matters like generals do?
Is it not only those stories you keep narrating....?
Words don't develop vaccines, you must understand that.
Doctors must be respected
They must eat the buttered side of the "Bread"
I don't want any other nonsense
Because I will deal with you......

Let me ask this as a "Fool"
I will just whisper because those Artificial Beings
Will report me to their...........)
Ok. Here we go-

What logic does it make that before the vaccine,
COVID was not this severe and then that the vaccine is here
We are instead dying like "fools"
Mmm! I hope we are not fools

Essential workers are really
So essential, "long" live Mr Ali
You people were blessed too early
Don't wait for the disease to stretch
Take with you some patients
To your out patient wards
And charge them millions and even more
To give them better services.
These patients are too"rich"
Why should you leave such good money
In this period when the lockdown is " over pressing" you
Yet you are essential workers.......
Come on, don't look down on yourselves.

Those of us who make noise in class
Adding nothing to this nation
Are patiently waiting for your children.
We want to make them more essential
So that their future is even better than yours
We shall make sure that this government
Employs only the children of the rich
As openly stated in the "Dream"
For that is the spirit of patriots like we have always been.

I don't want to retire
without telling this nightmare.
There is time for everything
You are living on borrowed time
And the moon will also set
That is the rule of nature
Not even one of me escapes it.
For God and the "Essential Workers".

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