The Essence of Adolescence

The essence of adolescene is very much refreshing and I am very much destined

In the world that is clandestine in shadows, falsehoods and pharaoahs 

But while that exists my need and beliefs of being once awkward and geeky is still seeded

Needless to say I have faced many acts of faith, good or bad to everlast in time

My mind gets warped and forced onto a warpath to get beyond that 

My potenital on the surface hasn't been scratched, success has not been amassed

Everyone acts dastardly, infactuated, egos becoming incarcerated 

But I broke free, no longer seeing life from the nosebleeds, main stage dreams

This is what evolving and evolution means to me in the year of 2019

Because to be free is to be me, and to be me, it is surviving your teens.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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