Slow Dancing


Slow dancing with hookers.

Vicious  onlookers .

Purple skirt and black fishnets .

Not like any girl I’ve ever met .

Soak in the heartbreak .

Absorb all her pain .

Do you think you’d have the will to abstain .

Another paycheck , flushed it again .


The illusion of the city .

It’s where faith comes to die .

Pull aside them black panties .

Just wait for that sigh .

Tell yourself that you’re just not that guy .

That’s the last time  , you always say .

So half assed , you can’t even pray .

This poem is about: 
Our world


It's hard on the outside of La ..... All the worker bees seem to be happy ... still every night for the last six months .... sounds of war from south central .I can't get in ... maybe I'll be able to help a younger vet or two get back to the world ..

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