Escaping Society

I feel nothing, nothing at all

No stress, no worry, no pain 

No pressure, no hurt, no strain 

I left it all, society beyond all recall 


I escape society into the distant sun

I escape the world in a moment of fun

Surrounded by family in the wilds of nature 

I feel at peace, no fear of danger 


The sounds of the earth echo in my sleep 

The bubbling river, the croaking frog

The fire crackling, a misty morning fog 

My thoughts cascade, going down deep 


I escape society in my mind

I escape society to find 

The peace I've longed for, a love I've craved 

I no longer have the need to be brave 


Surrounded by those I love 

Encamped in the very throes of nature 

Looking up at Ursa Major

I'm safe and secure, as if I'm held in a glove


Escaping society 

Escaping the world 

I leave it all

And I feel nothing, nothing at all 




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