This bitter taste couldn’t be so sweet
Trying to escape the reality of this place.
We continue to fight through day and night
In these terrible conditions
The most to look forward to is the effects of the elixir.

No one truly enjoyed being here
But the war must be fought.
Once in the war you can’t escape it.
The reality of the war follows like a shadow
Come time to relax
Alcohol became an oasis.
Enough to take the mind away
Even gives a sense of gracefulness.

This drink flows like a waterfall
The potency strong enough to temporarily
Wash away the troubles of combat.
The men take a swim in the toxic yet relieving stream
Hoping that they can fight poison with poison.
This liquid was the savior of the men
Their escape to remain sane.

These young men drown their sorrows
And wish for a better tomorrow.
But war isn’t their friend
And will make them bitter in the end.
The effects of the war are perpetual
And turn drinking into a soldier’s ritual.

These soldiers are kind hearted
But this war has caused them to harden.
They entered malleable as a ball of clay
Slowly losing they’re elasticity every day.
Missing their loved ones every day
They drink themselves away
To let their minds runaway.

Never to be the same they return home
Like oil and water, they can’t blend in.
Feeling like an outsider looking in
Like if they don't belong with mankind
Leading them to take another dive.
They take that swim with their buddy Jack
Wishing their memories don’t come back.
Their shadow follows never to leave them
So they drink in order to flee them.
But reality is, war is something you can’t escape.


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