Sometimes life's problems seem to inflame.

This is my cue to draw instead of being in pain.


To jump into the world my mind creates

But I just can't seem to enter those gates.

There is a place of imagination and perfection

But I can only sense a faint connection.


Here the world is full of heartbreak.

All the thoughts in my head still keep me awake.

People always ask me why I can't sleep.

Why, night is the time for me to weep.


Pencil and paper are my weapons for escape.

Art almost allows me to change shape.

But still, there is that feeling of sorrow

That I will not wake up in this art tomorrow.


Instead, I will wake to a world of confusion

Where the smiles pasted on faces is but an illusion.

Everyone experiences tough moments in their lives.

Yet, each and every one seems to survive.


But sometimes those struggles become a little swollen.

And it may seem like your heart has been stolen

and thrown to the trash for stray dogs to consume.

And these are the times where I draw cartoons.


Drawing cartoons with minds of their own

Leaves me feeling not so alone.

And although it may be tempting to stay forever,

Running from your problems is not very clever.


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