It came like a hawk attacks prey,

Fast, furious, and without sway,

That feeling that haunts me,

It kills what I want to be.


My hands start to shake without stop,

My face scrunches like it will pop,

My breath becomes uneven and sharp,

My voice shrills like a shrieking harp.


And the target of this anger and more,

Is every opposition and what they adore,

It is not my choice to stay sane,

For this anger is my bane.


Yet out of the darkness there is a glow,

Light that can beat every foe,

It is poetry, in all its beauty,

Writing to stay calm is my duty.


Poetry is an escape that saves me like superman,

Poetry is how I speak to every enemy and fan,

Poetry is expression and courage and feeling in one,

Poetry is just so much fun.


When it comes poetry there is strict and free,

There is happy or sad or anything you see,

It is open and welcomes everyone around,

It is relative to the beauty that you see and found.


This is where sparks of insipration go,

This is what brings up those feeling low,

This is an escape from reality and its pains,

This is poetry and just watch how it reigns.

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This is what poetry means to me :)

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