Errors, flaws and mistakes

Errors, flaws and mistakes
Same but different at the same time,

What’s the difference you may ask

Stay and listen to me explain through rhyme.

What do you think is an error
A mistake and nothing more,

Yes, an error is a mistake

But it’s unknown like a closed door.

Some flaws are good and some are bad

How can a flaw be good you might ask,

Flaws are imperfections that we all have

Trying to conceal them behind a mask.

Now we’ve listed errors and flaws

Are they truly the same as a mistake,

Yes and no for mistakes can be corrected

As we learn from the mistakes we make.

Everyone makes mistakes in life

But it’s one of the ways we learn,
Mistakes may be made as we fall
But we get back up, standing tall and stern.

We will never stop making mistakes
For we can not live without them,

So continue on in life making mistakes

Learning as you become a bright gem.


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