Error Of Our Ways

They ask me, the ones that are curious/“Hey, where’d you get that scar from?”/I sometimes have to take a step back, pause, and just look at exactly which scar they’re asking about/Can they see the ones beneath my skin?/Our largest organ is our skin, and oftentimes to most we are judged by how healthy it appears/If it’s pale, shallow and sunken, we are unhealthy/If it’s tan, defined and full, we are portrayed as healthy/We’re always asked, if you could change one thing about you, what would you change?/ BeautyHow can we be beautiful in a world that looks no further than our skin?/Too skinny, too large, bad breath, bad teeth, imperfect skin, big nose, small breasts, poor looks, cheap clothes, it goes/To all the things we call each other in the name of beauty/ The definition of a scar is ‘a mark left on the skin’/And when we’re asked the most puzzling question/What would you change about yourself?/You’re being asked a question as though you’ve spent your entire life thinking the answer/And we can answer anything!/We could change our height, change our size, change our definition/We could change our skin, lose our blemishes and show perfection/But I often think to myself, what exactly is perfection? /Imagine that, what exactly is perfection?/ My answer every time? /Perfection is the ability to look in the mirror, know your imperfections yet still smile/Because there is no such thing as perfect perfection/And if you disagree, take a look around our society/ Have you ever had that memory that you remember from when you were younger?/From when you were young and took chances/And today I don’t see anyone taking those chances/Some of us have learned, and yet some of us have never taken a chance/Take a chance/Yet I sit back most days, listening and watching/Body language, words spoken and facial expressions/And I choose not to comment when I see people hesitate, when I see people falter/When I see a chance that could be taken yet isn’t taken/In today’s society, beauty, money and social status stands for power/That’s what I see on social media/That’s what I see on television /But does it really? /Or doesn’t it lead to scars as well?/ So/They sometimes ask with a smile, or hesitation as if they think they will offend me by asking/I could stand there and smile, give a shake of my head and tell a story“Oh, I got it in a fight” or “I was stupid”/But that wouldn’t be honest/So I laugh and give them a smile, and answer honestly“I don’t remember”Because it’s not healthy to look back on the past but to look forward/We write our own story/And so, to answer the question they asked/Hold on a moment,/“I don’t remember”/

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Our world


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