you were my boy

we grew up together

we are from the same borough

known as the x

for those that dont know my reference

its the bronx

ran up and down the streets of 149th

from the bridge to southern blvd

hanging out at st. anns park 

right off 146th

telling stories

cracking up

hollering at shorties

why did you go?

you were a block away from your crib

when shots rang louder than telephone calls

you drop to one knee

trying to get back up

blood was gushing out of your chest

blood was running away from your body

as if to say no more

its time

why did you go?

what happen?

you were mistaken for somebody else

they thoguht you look like that cat that slept with his girl

one's idiocy relegates the decency of human life

they walked away as if life had no defintion

no sense of purpose

only terminology that was understood

was kill at all cause

ask questions later

when they realize what they did

the catch phrase was simply

oh my bad

another day, another victim

sad day for all

karma came back 

coiled and strike that was more poisonous than 

a deadly rattlesnake

found out that while they were in a car

a motorcyclist pulled up on the side

popped them in their heads with direct hits

and rode off to the sunset

only it wasn't the valleys

it was a right turn on melrose ave and 149th

and drove up north where until this day

nobody know where

all i knew was

what comes around, goes around



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