Have you ever thought about the outcome of actual equality? I mean equality for those who are of different races,different sexual orientation and everyone else who is unjustly treated.I have come to realize  America is not as true  to the phrase”Everyone will be treated equally” as promised long ago.First,let me start by stating that not only has racial equality changed over time,but also the interracial communications and relations have become more common.In many ways Equality is just simply a word to make the people believe that the government is actually upholding the promise of equality.Therefore,if you pay attention to wordly affairs when it comes to equality then you already know that homosexuals and transgenders are not as equal as those of heterosexual orientation .Many people are against gay rights and believe only in the “american dream” or the bible standards of love,but not only are there people against it ,some people proudly support equality in humans hetero or homosexual.Long ago,everyone wanted the “american dream”,but also long ago whites and blacks could not use the same restroom.People tend forget overtime everything is changing ,people are interracially dating and marrying and many people are revolting against the setup so called “american dream”.I myself proudly say I am a supporter of ALL homosexual and transgender relations,because they are simply human beings like the rest of the world.



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