We're all equal, but is that really true?

Is everyone really treated the same?

It seems as if society only judges you by your looks, your clothes, your height

Regardless what you do, you'll be judged

Racism, prejudice, and Discrimination 

Racism is bricks put together creating a wall of hate, we may never be able to bring it down

Prejudice is a cold, cruel, callous form of behavior

Discrimination is like looking at a box of crayons and not seeing all the colors


Some colors live in absolute riches

while others are dumped in ditches

People argue black as an obscurity

White as overpowering, Brown as poverty

And yellow nerdy


But really, does it make one feel better to discriminate?

Just ask yourself, why so much hate?

Some people carry their honor with a flag

and of their nationality they brag

We're judged by the color of our skin 

For many, just an ounce of respect is impossible t win

Color shouldnt distinguish who you are and what you do

Take a look outside, all of respect flew


In reality, all colors, shapes, and sizes are beautiful

Just because something is different, that doesnt mean it's in any way lower than you

It's so easy to stop all of this

Maybe even return society to bliss

So stop the judgements and the hate

Respect each other, and appreciate



This was also posted on teenink.com, and recited at my schools poetry slam

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