the epitomy of me

the epitomy of me, shy and sweet but daring and fiery, insecurity hid inside of me for so long,

heart visible to the naked human eye, like glass is to a cut finger thats bleeding

i carried it for so long, deep within the tears, they dried up recently

only my friends know the broken me, always felt like i had to fight for everything i have

had to raise myself and my sister while my mother was fighting cancer


cried every day consistently with no breaks when my aunt tore me down

waiting for my mother to die because she wanted a check from the state

but i knew inside she would survive, because my mother is that strong woman,

she sacrificed so much, and never turned back, the epitomy of me, is the epitomy

of her, which we lived some of the same things but u know what???


i cant give up, i cant drop out, i cant quit, i cant let go, i gotta keep pressing,

gotta keep walking, gotta keep striving towards the goal, because nothing

or no one can stop me.. only i can stop me


when i think about my mother flatlining, i think about the life she's given me, may not have

the best, but she supplied the rest for me to succeed plus more, so the epitomy of me is to

help people, explain to kids the value of life itself and not just a gamble


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