I am a bubbly babbling blonde with banging big blue eyes
Cautious, careful, and caring with some cheerful, confused, characteristics
Long legged, laughing loud, and left handed is at my level
I am a food giving girlfriend genuinely grateful for gigantic goals
Who likes football, fishing, and family and that is what makes me free willed, firm, and friendly
My dreams are delightful with a dainty detail of ditzy
Because of the summer sun my smooth skin will shine with spontaneous sunburn
From an early riser to an expressive, experienced, late night pizza inn employee
With an infinite imagination impossible to interpret
Maintaining a mixture of moody morning people, movie nights with my man, and a crowd of multiple hungry people is how I manage my life
Being talkative, thankful for taste, and time troubled tampers with my temper
Having unconditional unique passion for understanding unknown useless utensils
Wistfully wondering why I am always washed our when I wear white
Open minded about being old fashioned and observant if obnoxious outrageous opinionated kids After all adapting to new adventures always amounts in anticipated events
Preparing plowing picking and preserving products produced from the garden proves that princesses can do physical labor


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