United States
41° 37' 50.0484" N, 87° 49' 31.8036" W
United States
41° 37' 50.0484" N, 87° 49' 31.8036" W

Trudging on hard land,

No one can fully tell of what life demands.

Ever so slowly on shaky legs,

We continue to endure the relentless plagues

As we give no excuse

Thus which strengthens our virtues and values.

A hard, steady grip on life

Slowly ebbs as one is overcome with agonizing strife.

Return to His glorious domain

And begin to witness his eternal reign.

Counting our last few breaths,

We say our goodbyes to greet death.

Under that cloak of Stygian black,

Are pairs of wings of glossy lilac.

Finally leaving the earth's firm hold,

He begins his journey up to His stronghold.

Keep soaring to freedom's blissful touch

Where you can finally release your onerous clutch.

Return to your eternal slumber

Dreaming dreams full of fervor.

"Miss" won't be the word to say,

But it will instead be the way

To someday meet

Where our lives can be one day wholesome and complete.


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