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          To begin with, I was born in Texas then I moved to Florida a long time ago when I was four years old. I still live in Florida today. Even though, majority of my family lives in Texas I moved to Florida with my mom because she had met a guy that she was really into. She was so in love with him at that time that she believed that they were going to get married. He was a gentleman, comedian and just a lovable guy when  she started to get to know him. I do not know why but for whatever reason I had a bad intuition about him from the moment that I met him. It's like he had a look in his eye and every time that I got around him I had a bad feeling. I did not want to jump to conclusions until I had actual evidence. I knew my mom did not know anyone in Florida at the time so she tried to bond with anyone at her new job. However, socializing with others at her job was a challenge because everyone had their own cliques and was ready to stereotype her for their first impresssion. The conflict kept going for half of a month until she said enough is enough. I am not tolerating this ignorance anymore. So, based on our personal beliefs things soon began to change for her at her new job. They always say what goes around comes back around. everyone that stereotyped her faced karma. The innocent ladies that were apart of the wrong group soon began to open up to her.

Meanwhile, I was trying to bond with anyone at my new school in Florida. I was shy until someone got to know me. It was easier for me to make friends in school being really young. As I got older in elementary school I would walk home since my school was so close to my apartment complex. It did not matter the weather and the season.  I still had to sacrifice walking home. Some days I had to push through it. Every day was not going to be a good day. When I arrived home I saw Kevin my mama's boyfriend at the time. He was chilling on the livingroom couch playing Dragon Ball Z.Dragon Ball Z was a amine fighter game for young teenage boys. He was playing the same video game for two weeks at that point so I asked him was that his favorite childhood game as a child? He said yes. Then, I said why can't you let go of it? He said because I do not want to move on from my video games. Just because I am grown does not mean I can not have my childhood belongings. So, I just stared at him for a while. I said name another 38 year old who still plays video games? He said what are you trying to say? I said answer the question and he said me. I said that is the problem right there. You need to grow up. He said I am grown. I said well then act like it and show me that your responsible and he could not do it. He said stop disrespecting me! I said who the hell are you talking to? Your disrespecting my mother for not giving her the standards that she needs in a relationship little boy. Now go do your chores like mommy said. He rolled his eyes and stayed on his video game for hours. Once my mama got home I told her what happened and she talked with him immediately in private. She said why is it that lately you have been changing ever since we moved down here for you, to meet your family? He was like I do not know what your talking about? She said you know exactly what I mean. Turns out he had a daughter named Jasmine Underwood. I became really close to her growing up in Florida. We told each other everything no matter how we were feeling. We were like sisters. Everyone around us saw it and knew it too. Going back to my mom, that was just the beginning of her arguements with her boyfriend. Until one day, I came home from school like usual and I said hey, Kevin how was your day? He said my day was fine, how was yours? I said my day was good and sat down at the kitchen table to do my homework.

He asked me a little more questions like how am I liking my new school? Am I making new friends? I told him that I have been getting used to my schedule and I like my teachers. I am making new friends gradually. Then, he said that's good to hear. All of the sudden his phone went off ringing. He said hold up real quick and I was like ok. Still sitting at the kitchen table I was starting my homework and listening to his phone conversation. It sounded like he was talking to another lady. He was like do you have any plans for the weekend? We have a lot in common and I need to see you again. I miss you. Once I heard that I went to my room and texted my mom about what I just heard and she said thank you for letting me know. I will talk to him when I get home and for now keep your distance. When she arrived home there was a lot of yelling because her screams were full of anger. She knew she could trust me because I was raised around my aunts and not a lot of kids my age. Kevin said I don't know what your talking about? Who told you that? She said your not clueless you liar! It doesn't matter, the room got quit. He went to the living room played his video game for another hour. I went to her room and she was in the bathroom crying her heart out. She told me to go to my room so I left. Once she stopped crying she dialed his brothers numbers telling them to pick him up from her house because they broke up ans his brothers said their on their way. He left unexpectedly and once I heard I could come out my room he was gone and my mom was dissapointed. She knew how much I loved Jasmine his daughter. She said not ever again will I let anyone sabotage my heart. Since then I have been rough on every guy that came her way and no more guys did her wrong like that. The current guy that she is seeing today is going to become her fiance soon but their not official yet. Ever since then I became one of my mom bestfriends. Until she becomes married this scholarship would help her and I financially.













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