I live an enviable life

A house that's a home

A family that loves and supports me

No pressure to do well

Being middle class in America


I know that my life is great compared to other's

I always know where my next meal is coming from

I don't have police or gangs knocking on my door


I have an able and healthy body

My government gives me health care

The elements are not something I face unwillingly

Famines don't touch me


I get public schooling, and opportunities for college

I try to count my blessings

I really do


I know my life has struggles

I am not always happy

My life is a miracle


If I want to improve my situation

I should go and do something about it

There are fights going on in my country to keep it great

I should join the fray


How many people would give up their lives to be in mine?

How many people already do that?

How many people have died to make it this way?

How can I continue their legacy to make my country great?

This poem is about: 
My country


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