The Envelope

The world was frozen, for just a few seconds it all became real
All of a sudden I began to feel,
-the weight of the envelope in my now shaking hands.

My name was typed nicely in Arial font.
I was glad this subject could not, much longer, linger or daunt.
My pulse began to race.

I was alone in the dining room
Feeling the presence of every family member standing over me
Waiting and whispering small guesses to what the letter said or could be.
What does it say?

My finger felt for the sticky adhesive keeping me from the answer to my most asked question.
As I gently tore the white paper from the adhesive, my heart began to race.
I had begun to feel myself turning ghost white in the face.

The question I have dreamed about,
The question my family had been asking me,
The question that filled my only dream,
The question that kept me up at nights,
-was finally answered in one single word.

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