It`s light, so bright

I can see it on this night

In pain, not yet

It says not to worry, so do not fret

as it gets closer to the wall

you find that you are soon appaled

Its beauty, so dangerous

Like an ax

Cuts you right through the heart

But you`re relaxed

Enthralled, entranced, that`s what you are 

Mine`s gotten much closer

Has your`s gotten far?

Cause you see, this rhyme

Should make your senses revive

Because before, they were covered with terrible grime

The grime of the bland, the simply mundane

Like a wall, like writer`s block

Does it still remain?

Well fuel your imagination, with the start of this rhyme

It talked about beauty, both of yours and of mine

It does`nt quite mean that it is us

Just something of ours, something that`s prized.

A beloved one, a trinket, let your mind retrieve it

Picture it in your mind... Can you see it?

Now let`s recall part two of this ramble

It talked of it`s pain, light it`s too big a situation to handle.

Did you remember it?

Has your image changed?

Has something dear to you, caused you pain?

Something of mine has, but let`s not get off topic

Your creative mind is flowing, let`s not stop it.

Is the memory clear now, can you see it with ease?

Have you conquered the grime, with creativity?

Because sometimes , that is all a person needs.

To battle the grime. 

Some Creativity.

Now that it`s here, do`nt try to stop it.

Liven up every dull moment, do`nt say it`s over.

You may find this work un-clever

But if you`ve read to this far, my title is working better than ever.

And you have to admit, it made your mind better.

It caused it to do a double-take

And you need that in life, so you do`nt make mistakes.

So now that I`ve caused trouble, like The Cat In The Hat

I`ll take my little baubles, and travel fast

For you, my reader, no longer need me

You have your own Creativity.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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