Entitled B****


W A St
United States

The ugly truth:

I wanted the world handed to me

"It's not fair!"

Though the world around me

Is suffering through pain

I'm too blind to see

And if anyone else

Even dared to complain, to compare

I'd turn up my nose

Tell them "life ain't fair"

Even now it's hard to tame

That ugly beast inside of me

I don't wanna say it's name

But it's hate, and it's ignorance

From someone who always said

She was smart, enlightened,

Now it brings me shame

To even think that I saw myself

As someone good and kind

Someone misunderstood, shy

But in the end I was blind

To what there really was inside

And I can't even begin to apologize

For who I was back then,

I just hope that by making a change

I can make up for my sins

For those darker days,

It's not easy to change

To reevaluate your heart

To admit to yourself that after all

You really weren't that smart

That nice, that misunderstood,

In fact, there was a whole side of me

That I would now rather keep

Under lock and key

But no matter what I do

I'll always have that itch

That I really did earn the name

"Entitled Bitch"

This poem is about: 
Our world


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