The Entirety of Existence

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 02:10 -- Ks2017


United States

Life is needy.
It has requirements for sustainability.
The underlying theme in most of those things is Love.
Love can be found in everything,
If you dig deep enough.
We see violence,
Things that tear societies apart.
Yet, we survive.
Because of Love.
Love is essential and all you really need.
Cliché thoughts come from somewhere.
Here, it holds truth.
Actions do speak louder than words,
But words are not empty.
My parents’ lectures,
My teachers’ advice,
Songs on the radio.
Don't be blindsided by first impression,
By what it seems to say.
These kinds of things need Love to exist.
What else can explain why my friend gives me half of her sandwich for lunch?
What else can explain the exclamations of the homeless?
Love is awesome!
My identity is rooted in my culture, my religion, and who I've made myself be.
My very morals can be filtered to Love.
Everyone wants the best things to happen,
Everyone wants the right things to happen.
Religion itself is based on Love.
All the ignorance seem to overshadow the fundamental values.
Above all, Love is powerful.
Profoundly, we are all able to love humanity aside from everything that separates us,
From everything that makes us who we are.
Sometimes Love can be sought out most during traumatic times,
Expressed through action, prayer, graphic designs, and messages.
People are brought together through compassion and sympathy.
These things are founded on Love!
My heart swells at the abundance of support.
Our affiliation, our skin, our thoughts, and our aspirations are secondary.
People will thrive to fully embrace Love in all of its goodness.
Because I believe,
Because I love.
The world without Love,
I dare not think of such a cruel thing.
What darkness we'd have,
What destruction we'd have.
My very existence cannot survive.
Life is truly fragile.
The beginning and the end give me no fear.
What finesse is this?
A necessity,
Four letters nevertheless so strong,

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