Enter the Knight

The great fortress had always been cold and dark.
No warm words of affection or touches.
There was only ice in the walls, in the halls, in his veins.
Forced to be the frost on the castle as its protector, from all evil.
No other reason to live.
No other reason to die.
Until he found someone to melt the ice.

She was as radiant as the sun on a summer afternoon.
He fell under her spell instantly,
but it was forbidden.
A queen and her husband's personal guard couldn't be together, no matter the circumstances.
The consequences could not be beared by either.
Gone was the shining queen
never to be seen again.
Gone with a quick off of her head.
He would follow suit if he did not escape.

Stealing away in the night, he climbed aboard.
The jaws of the gate creaked open
and the train sped through it.
Smoke billowing behind him, along with everything else.
No longer would he be stuck in the block of hostility.
Broken to a great degree.
But at least now he was free.


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