Tue, 01/26/2016 - 14:54 -- DJM089

The sea smiles at the moon tonight
And the stars shine
It's all so perfect.....
The dream I dreamt about
I knew it'd be worth it
Seven years stuck in a hospital
To be washed to be fed
Seven years stuck in a hospital
Needles injecting me making me wish I was dead.
But than I saw it.
The rare earth and all its beauty
And it casteth its arm to take me
It called my name and chanted
The things that came array
It casted me and led me away....
And here I am
At the beach were its pretty
Here I am
Finally at the place where I should be
Yes here I am, finally.....
And as the shore sings her sweet melody
I think I'll sit for a sec or two
And let my eyes drift asleep.

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Our world
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