Sat, 08/07/2021 - 09:41 -- Wired6

5=To Love Yourself and Other's Transparency and Vulnerability Calls. Just enough 2 get through Life. Just Enough 2 Weather The Blows. We Keep Our Love Tightly Enshrouded, By- If's,Do's and Don'ts Connecting,Every Now and Again,With Our Multidimensional Souls. To Love,Is 2 Suffer,Unpredictable Falls. "Get Up,Continue,No-one Will Ever Know." Embrace The Love,You're Going 2, Today Is Your Spiritual Call. To Love,Is a Commonality,Indicative 2 All. But,Very Rare and Endangered, We Still Chase It,2 Further Fall. At The Moment, Love Is Still Falling. It Challenges All We Know, About This Thing We Love 2 Love, This Love Is Free 4 All. (c)14/07/2021. Wired6.


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