Enough is Enough

Sun, 11/04/2018 - 20:58 -- Haiden

“it’s the people not the guns” 

well now look at what you’ve done

you’ve trapped us in a corner 

thinking we’ve got no where else to run. 


Well we’ll march right up capitol hill

becuse all we want is a bill

that makes it harder for us to be killed

by someone who has no will

aside from his hands for a gun to fill 


people are dying 

and you’re sitting there lying, 

not doing one thing

to keep us from crying 

all you care about is the the money you get

from the guns people are buying 

without a background check?

are you even trying? 


but they are more than just tears 

that we shed for our peers

we won’t just sit here in our fear

we have things to say 

and this time we’re making everyone hear.


we say we want change 

and you do nothing. 

you say we don’t understand at this age,

that we’re just reading words from a page 

but you’re wrong 

we’re filled with rage 

because we’re doing the jobs of people

who get paid 

well above the minimum wage 


we’ll strap on our sneakers

and gather the speakers

but you think we’re weaker

because we’re the ones who are usually sitting on the bleachers. 


Vegas, Orlando, Parkland

and everything in between

we’re telling you how to run a country

and we’re only teens 


I go to school to get a good education

but how do I do that 

when i can’t trust the people who run this nation 

scared i’ll get shot,

what happened to gun registration? 


feeling nauseous 

because this turning in my stomach 

forming a knot

won’t stop 


we want it to stop 

we want all this ignorance to stop

we want to roam the streets 

and go to school

without worrying that 

we’ll just be another blood stain on the concrete


parents shouldn’t have to text us 

to see if we’re alive 

when background checks an mental illnesses 

should be more than just a forgotten archive 


a gunshot

should not be a sound 

that we are used to having around 

so we are holding our ground, 

we’re going to be tough, 

because this is the time 

and enough is enough.


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