We have lived long enough to see the evil in this world

Th sins of Man

And I have had enough

I am done with the corruption of this world

Done seeing casulties of hundreds because of war

Done with thoughts of a race being superior over another

We are all equal

We are all made perfect

Enough of telling yourself that you are ugly, that you can't be loved

Enough of criticizing people around you to make yourself feel good

Enough of betraying each other

Enough at looking at images of women and men for pleasure

Enough of getting drunk to push or pain back and just for fun

Enough of poising your body with drugs

Enough of the evil in this world we cause

Why can't you see what you are is causing so much pain?

Can't you hear your Father crying?

Cant you hear his grief?

Today is a day for no more everlasting pain

Today is ENOUGH!




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