I don't think I'm enough
What does that mean, to be enough
Is it so people like you
Able to stand you
Not disgusted at the fact you're alive
Breathing air more important people need
People that are enough.
I have been offered many a chance
To make myself heard
To make sure I exist
I never take them.
I'm afraid that I will want to live, 
To go on
I won't let happiness get in the way
It's clogging the airway
My mind is a fan
Humming and thrumming
Pushing away all thoughts of being someone
I am no one.
I welcome the monsters
I want to be dead
Apart from the world, floating on my own island
I can see them
Laughing and talking and loving
They are able to be enough
They are able to love
What is wrong with my brain
I cannot even fathom the thought of warmth
The weight of someone's arms around me
And feeling like I am not being suffocated
I am unable to be loved
Too afraid to take the risks that everyone else does so easily
Jumping out of an airplane seems easier
Hitting the ground at full speed
Adrenaline pumping
Unwanted tears spill
The crack of my bones fill the silence
Fill the gaps of my heart
With cement
Make me work.
Make me enough.

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