A anomaly, mystery, a enigma is how those around me would describe me an individual that has few words to say but countless stories to tell, with innumerous twist and turns that will leave you dazed and confused with the mixed emotion they will instill in you, but all they have to do is ask, but my individuality, my quiet but confident demeanor leaves them feeling stressed and uncomfortable when their near, so they stare, and stay back and whisper and talk about me, like an animal at the zoo, but they wonder why I want nothing to do with them, when they cant work up the courage to ask about question about me, from the source and choose to follow any rumor that they cross paths with is the true enigmatic anomaly why rely on secondhand information passed down by sketchy mouths, and modified by conversational misinterpretation and informational overblown story telling to get reactions from those dumb enough to listen, is the true mystery when the original source of that the pure uncontaminated, by hand me down information is sitting right here, just waiting for someone inquiry on the stories I hold, the events that I've been involved in whether by being the cause or roped in by misfortune, something that seems to follow me every where I go, in all my memories and all my stories there is never completely happy ending there is always s going to be a bitter companion to the sweet sensation of a story that ends on a high note, there is always something that goes wrong, whether it be something as serious as aggravated assault with your average store bought machete, or as simple as, the waiter at a wedding faceplanting into the cake. Every little story that I hold, just needs to have somebody to put the key in the lock to let it out and you will knw the truth to why I am the enigmatic anomaly you see before you so stop with the rumors and theories, and work up the courage, and ask me to tell my story, to give them the whole tale with no, improvisation, no changes, a story told as it happened with no changes in its iterations, so let me be an enigma but do not act like you know me based on rumors and theories on me, for if you knew I wouldn’t be an enigma,….to you

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I agree with your writing, so be it!No one has the right, nor could I know ALL of anyone (I'm not talking about something, but about a person). Necessary and inviolable some privacy. Respect!!!Although......thid is already a joke: great value the confidence of allowing those forbidden lines to be crossed.....

anymity stay invisible be invincible

if you like this one i believe you will enjoy my other poems, for example Scrutiny, and burdens are of a similar topic and id love your feed back on it



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