Tell me it’s wrong to wear the hijab which preserves my dignity 


splendors my integrity

I’m enhanced. I see the other ladies adorning modestly

dispersing one of their most favored fragrance,

sometimes I do try to dress virtuously

while my inner self chooses to be veiled on the contrary

Tell me I should ensemble myself suitably and objectively

that a girl’s only a girl when she dresses appealingly,

captivating everyone she meets

or perhaps derives a plethora of categorical remarks.

Tell me it’s admirable maybe even a good thing

I choose the hijab to protect my chastity in such a way,

to enhance the quality of my personality

Tell me what you need to tell me but do not critic the hijab

which I chose confidently to represent myself-

for its beauty like a glistering pearl

hidden beneath the sea.

it is the nourisher of my purity,

without hijab, I would’ve been a liability.

Now try to tell me that I should be judged for how I am draped.

This poem is about: 



Hijab is my preference and this is why I choose to wear it. 

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