I’m Without,

Won’t You Help Me Succeed,

I Have No Time,

But A Place To Be,

As Sure As My Duty,

I’ve Forgotten My Key,

Since Their Day Of Creation,

Their Father Contends,

Ignorant & Faulty,

Sleepless Night That He Spends,

But Happy Was He,

Just To Watch Them Live,

As A Fateful Vessel,

They Survived Their Time,

Maintaining The Secrecy,

Just Below The Sea,

Only To Be Broken,

By Hopeful Naivety,

When The Handler Grew Careless,

No More Than 90 Days,

& The Handler,

Couldn’t Fix It,

Having Attempted All The Ways,

Only Then Would He Come About,

No Worry,

Fillet Her,

And Produce Me,

Much More Greater,

You See,

Easy To Perceive,

She’s Merely Complimentary,

A Thought Never Said,

Thus, They Never Saw It Read,

Had One Uttered The Word,

Far Earlier,

They’d Have Learned,

In All Smith’s,

This Paradigm,

From The Meak,

To The Micro,

So Sublime


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