English honors desolation

Yelling, screaming, shouting, hasn’t she learned her lesson yet?

Death, chaos, loveless, is this discussion really necessary?

Failure, rejection, loser, all because a piece of paper says so?

Tick, tick, tick, when will the madness end?

No, never, too bad, do teachers no longer help?

Ha, ha, ha, why must you laugh at us all?

An hour, a minute, a second, why do you give us so little time to do so much?

Tick, tick, tick, do you still not care about our plight?

Work harder, do it better, what is this, is causing so much stress enjoyable to you?

Six, six, six, well these six rooms must be hell.

Help, please, help, your lessons are impossible to understand!

Tick, tick, tick, honestly how can you be so thick?

Lose, lost, loss, is death, failure, and pain all you know how to speak about?

Depression, hate, boredom, you simply reek of it.

Blood, snapping, gore, Edger Allen Poe’s got nothing on you.

Tick, tick, tick, finally the bell rings! Freedom from your desolation sounds.

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