Engineering My Own Age of Discovery

Thu, 10/25/2018 - 09:15 -- CS2020

As students, we all have that guiding hand:
One who helps us understand
The path on which our lives will sail,
The direction in which we’ll prevail.

I met my mentor freshman year in a class that began in the stars.
As the year progressed, we delved into the ground and soon we had gone far.
From stars to applied mathematics,
As if an outlier defying a trend,
I finally found a subject that I could learn for hours on end.

The math that explained motion
I was at that start of an adventure and I began to form new notions.
The following year I embarked
On voyages near not far:
Intro to Engineering, of an age it was a start
Principles’ , a variety of things to know
I had learned that there was a field in which I could actually go.
To pursue design and mathematics,
I sketched, I solved, and I built.
My mentor had sparked a new passion, one which would never wilt.

Intro to Engineering:
CAD software had me stumped,
But I kept working hard and eventually
My drafting improved in a month.

Principles of Engineering:
A class my mentor taught,
A class filled with Physics,
A class with filled with thought,
There I programmed robots.
There I built them too.
I learned gear ratios and when booleans are true.

Through a simple conversation, a passion I have found.
A single suggestion has had impacts unbound
By any issues I may face as a girl in STEM.
I hope I impact someone as much as I’ve been impacted by him.
A source of encouragement, of counsel and advice,
Thank you Mr._____, this long voyage has been nice.
I wish you the best as you inspire kids,
Though you may not know, your words’ impact has no end.

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