What would you say if the enemy was in every home

she lurks in every corner, in every magazine

she lives on screens and on every billboard 

What would you say if this enemy Miss. Perfect 

was in your head

Look at you, she changed you 

Your 'Perfect' now

Do you recognize that face in the mirror?

That is the enemy's face

its not your's anymore she beat you, she won.

I would change the media to show the truth

Natural beauty is REAL Beauty

Don't ever change your waves, kinks or curls

your smile, yor eyes, your lips cheeks or thighs

your color, your race or your shape

Ms. Media , Ms. Perfect, Ms. Fake,

she tells you what to be and takes your individuality away

Theres nothing wrong with being you 


You are beautiful. 


You are beautiful.



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