she may be quick to react,but there is something that she lacks,although its something that I misinterpret,she always wins the next day,like somehow she has a force,inside of her soul,why am I decieved,hence a psyche,it tends to spike,all night and day,there is no say,this is no other way,is it me,what would someone else see,the mind itself is an illusion ,and I absorb the fusion of thoughts,it becomes something that I fought,my own body is perpetual,as if it were terrestial, a depiction of mirrors,it lasts forever,its something to keep as moreoveran escape from realityadventure of a lifea spirtiual essense of gritification,an escape from reality, the strength of magic I create,could make me accomplish anything, as a person with ocd,I expireience magical thoughts,it becomes unrealistic to the point that I go into another dimension,its very powerful I can't help it, it can't stop,I swear its not my wit,

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