Endless Treasures

A twinkling night shining down

Songs outside your window announcing the presence of the sun around


The colorful leaves that welcome fall

Shape shifting clouds that bring wonder to all


Cherry blossoms quenching their thirst with pitter-patter drops

Natural water parks on mountain tops


The breeze of the whispering wind

Lightning striking across the horizon


White flakes sprinkled on crowned homes

Rivers sheltering life beneath blue domes


Rays of light splash the waves of the ocean

Every breath I breathe, a sigh of relief, a notion


The eyes that see the wonders of the world

 The ears that hear the voice of my mother scold


Ears stuffed with vibrating rhythms medley

My pinky finger grasped by a new baby


Twiddling thumbs on buttons resurrecting virtual life

Freshly baked bread sliced by a knife


The aroma of biscuits in the oven

Lips that pucker when touched by a lemon


Joy of scoring the winning goal

Roller coaster rides that lifts my soul


Determination to overcome fears and hurdles

Perseverance through windfalls and obstacles


Pride from accomplishing goals set

Embracing the difference in everyone met


Appreciation for all, precious friends, compassionate brother,

forgiving mother, Love for one another


Gratefulness for awe inspiring nature’s beauties

Thanks to the All-Mighty for his awesome bounties.

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Our world
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