Endless Dreams

I wish for a peaceful life of serenity

I wish that one day we could finally listen to the joys around us

I wish that we could finally see the true nature of others

I wish that we could truly love those that make a difference to us


I never want to experience the treacherous winds of Katrina

I never want to see tears tickling down a hungry child’s pain stricken face.

I never want to witness 9/11 happen again

I never want to see the smokes of wars around the world

I won’t ever lose anyone important to me ever again

I want to stay asleep


I have a dream of eternal dreams and smiles

I have a dream of a place where everyone will be accepted and loved for who they truly are

I have a dream of exterminating jealousy and hatred

I have a dream a truly magnificent dream

A dream when I can be with those I have lost and those I truly love and care about

I dream of love and smiles and a world rid of tears

I love to dream

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