End the War and Save Eachother

Somewhere along the way we lost each other in the storm

Dreamed up reasons why you were wrong though it was us all along.

Our minds became one with the machine no longer knew how to dream.

Brothers and sisters bathed in each other’s blood as war wages on.

Violence leaves the generations dying as billions are never born.

For anger never met a demon like that which we build upon our scorn.

I’ve seen the tears fall to the ground as loved ones lose their loves

We feel the sorrow and the grief and wage another war to find relief.

Our love is pride based in existence only that which we deem fit to be.

We inflict it on the ones we deem unworthy and call them enemy.

Our existence predicated in one human race yet we segregate face by face.

Our colors bleed the same yet we call each other by a different name.

Death has become the answer we seek when pain ensues

When we are challenged we simply accept our biased views.

Never learned to love each other, to see the fathers and the mothers.

The sons and daughters, the sisters and the brothers.

Drop an inferno onto a foreign land to wipe out an enemy we’ve never seen

Then in their retaliation we call them terrorists because our hands are clean.

We have our words and beating hearts yet we insist our guns play their parts.

Sheltered in ignorance we never learn from the other sides

Insisting our values are where truth resides.

The children dying, starving with no food

Their bodies strewn across the land should leave our feelings nude.

Our existence leads to death and in it we should cherish breath

Instead we make a short time shorter with all we do

There is truth in you hating me and me still loving you.



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