At the End of Spring

Tue, 01/14/2020 - 11:35 -- kzuniga

The Cherry Blossoms began to bloom
Their beauty was extraordinary
A young girl with a big puffy sunflower dress
Giggled and danced by the tree

She was as alive as one could be
Her father watching her had a tear coming down his cheek  
The Cherry Blossoms bloomed
the flowers danced in the air
The young girl now in a smaller duller dark blue dress
She no longer danced but sat trying to reach for the flowers like they were stars
Her father watched her from a distance
He had a gloomy gleam in his eyes
This time he was sobbing hysterically
Winter had arrived
The Cherry blossom was no longer full of flowers 

The flowers were wilting and dying as spring ended
Long somber branches were all that was left of the once radiant Cherry  Blossom tree
The girl was no longer alone she sat In her father's lap under the dying tree
This time the girl was dressed in a beautiful white dress   

She was no longer filled with life, but instead with sickness     

She was as pale as snow
The girl could no longer move or reach for the stars
She began to breath heavily and her heartbeat slowed
Her breathing became shallow
Her eyes fluttered
And then they slowly closed
Her chest no longer rose
The young girl like the cherry blossom tree didn't make it past spring
Her father sobbed 

He couldn't be consoled

He had just lost his little girl to the Spring  
April was gone and so was the Cherry  Blossom tree


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